Neil Lewis – Cheshire

IMG_5007A year ago, I sat where you sit now.

A huge election had been settled – but not with the outcome that I wanted. Not with the people I voted for. And not with the change I had hoped for.

But this year is different. This time, there is hope, there is a base, there are signs of greater things…

And this is it…

…over half the residents of Cheshire chose Lib Dem for their first or second choice.

Yes, that is a remarkable result.

I believe that more people voted Lib Dem across Cheshire than any other party – it is just that they didn’t have the confidence to place us as their first choice.

Again and again, we saw and received reports of a ‘landslide’ of second preference votes.

I’m delighted. There *is* a liberal beating heart across Cheshire – and it beats soundly. It beats for moderate politics, for people centric policy. It beats for independent thinking and evidenced based decision making. It beats for tolerance and understanding too.

I hear that heart beat when I think about what we, together, achieved in the Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner election.

And, I want to ask you this question – what do you want to happen next time? What would be the right result? What sort of town and county do we want to become?

If, like me a year ago, you believe that there is hope, then do what I did and join.

Join me and together let’s make that liberal heart beat resoundingly through our streets, across our towns and over our county & country.

Some things are too important to leave to someone else. And that is why I’m asking you to join me in the Liberal Democrats